is a TV Presenter and Radio DJ.

Max is now incredibly famous. Most days, he'll find himself stumbling out of various high profile night clubs. Not a minute goes by without him texting someone famous.

Celebrity Friends

Max counts the following people as his real celebrity friends1:

  1. Helen Chamberlain
  2. Tubes2

Celebrity Acquaintances

Being famous means Max has worked with other really famous people. He also bumps into famous people all the time and has short conversations with them.

These he regards as his celebrity acquaintances - those who should know his name, but wouldn't invite him over for tea. Some examples of Max's celebrity acquaintances:

  1. Vanessa Feltz
  2. Jeff Stelling
  3. Danny Baker
  4. Ralf Little - until Max broke his nose during a football match. It was an accident and Ralf has forgiven him. They occasionally play poker together.
  5. Julian Clary. He's a friend of a friend.

Would Like To Meet

Amazingly, Max hasn't met every famous person in the world. He'd like to meet the following legendary people:

  1. Sir David Attenborough

Celebrity Nemesis(es)

The fame game is a cut throat business. And quite often, another famous person will steal your job. These Max regards as his celebrity nemesis(es):

  1. Paul Ross3