is a TV Presenter and Radio DJ.

He can make your radio show or TV programme better, just by being on it.

How to Contact Max

The absolute best way to get in touch with Max is on Twitter. Not sure what Twitter is? That's alright - Max isn't really sure either. Pop along and follow him anyway.

If you want to be Max's friend - you can find him on facebook. There's also someone pretending to be him - Max doesn't mind if you become his friend too.

And there are people out there writing nasty things about Max. Max says it's a free country, but you should watch out in case his sister finds out who wrote it.

How to Hire Max

If you've exhausted all other possibilities, and you want to hire Max to do a TV Show, Radio Show, or just to stand there, you should contact his agent, Andy. It's much like Jerry Maguire.

Andy believed in Max before he really had a job. Max hopes he'll still believe in him when that happens again. You can get in touch with Andy at Triple A Media.